Let Them Eat Cake…Or Not! Wedding Cake Alternatives

It’s no secret that one of the most important elements of any celebration (especially weddings) is the cake. It’s a whole extravagant production: the tiers, the decoration, the flavor, the cake toppers, and even the cake cutting itself – this delicious dessert is what makes the special day even sweeter. However, with so many non-traditional weddings taking place today, that means the cakes are changing too. In fact, a trend being seen more and more is not to have a cake at all, but instead have a unique alternative to serve your guests. Here are some ideas we think are sure to make a memorable reception and still satisfy a sweet tooth.

Chalkboard Cake

Screen Shot 2015-08-05 at 2.53.11 PM

Photo source: Cake Whisperer, @cake_whisperer on Instagram

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You really can have your cake and eat it too! This take on non-traditional wedding cakes is trending for all of its creative possibilities! The chalkboard designs are customizable and unique: no two designs will be the same. Don’t let this chalkboard appearance fool you…it’s completely edible!

Cupcake Cake


Photo source: Julie’s Creative Cakes

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Let’s face it: some people prefer cupcakes over regular cake. So rather than giving of a slice of cake per wedding guest, try these cupcakes instead! These cupcake cakes are becoming more popular among today’s weddings. They can still be arranged to resemble a multi-tiered wedding cake – but with a trendy twist.

Cake Pop Cake


Photo source: White Box Weddings via stylemeprety.com

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Cake pops, resembling adorable lollipops, are great for either replacing the traditional wedding cake or for simply adding to the desserts! Guests can even take them on the road – they could make perfect wedding favors when individually wrapped. The sticks make them easy to eat…maybe in just one bite!

Donut Cake

Screen Shot 2015-08-05 at 3.16.52 PM

Photo source: Meaghan Elliott Photography via Emmaline Bride

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No, you haven’t stumbled upon a Homer Simpson-inspired wedding…these donut cakes are the newest possibility in wedding cake alternatives. It’ll probably save you a ton too! Keep the tiered-look to display the sweet attraction, but have each layer be a different flavor. The possibilities are endless. (Do-nut be afraid to try this idea!)

Split-themed Cake


Photo source: Karen Brophy, cakeladykaren.com

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Can’t decide on a flavor for your wedding cake? Maybe you want chocolate but your groom wants vanilla. Why not have them both? Now, you and your groom won’t have to disagree or take the time to decide on one flavor only. Marriage is all about compromise after all…

Edible Photo Cake


Photo source: Cake Central

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A perfect option to truly make memories last at your wedding, this photo cake is an amazing way to make your cake more personal. Some bakery companies can actually take photos and turn them into edible, decorative additions to your wedding cake!

Rice Krispies Treat Cake

Screen Shot 2015-08-05 at 3.48.10 PM

Photo source: Edible Crafts

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Forget batter and dough all together – this is a whole new way to provide your guests a different type of dessert. You can opt to have an entire tower of Rice Krispies Treats…completely shaped to resemble a cake. You can still add on touches of color and other decorations or cake toppers so that it reflects your wedding theme.

Macaron Cake


Photo source: weddingchicks.com via Weddings Tied With Lace

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Maybe French desserts are more your style. In this case, try this colorful assortment of macarons. They can be stacked and arranged to take on the shape of tiered cake, but these little round bites of sweetness are light and airy alternatives to slices of cake. They also add a touch of sophistication and culture.

Shaped Cake


Photo source: abuket.com.ua via buzzfeed.com

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There’s more to cakes than just the normal square or round shapes. Now there are heart-shaped cakes, flower-shaped cakes, topsy-turvy cakes, and much more! These can come in all sizes, from mini to massive. They can really make for a more fun, creative spin on traditional (sometimes boring) wedding cakes.


A Veil of a Tale

Veils are the key accessory on your wedding day that top off your look – literally. Whether you want a long veil, short veil, or even no veil at all, it is important to pick one that fits your personal style.

Interestingly enough, veils have evolved throughout history, and they are still changing today. So, which time period and style best reflects your ideal veil?

With so many choices and so little time, take this quiz to help unVEIL your inner accessory personality.  

Your ideal soul mate would be:

A. Romeo
B. Prince William
C. Leonardo DiCaprio
D. Ryan Gosling
E. Drake

 Your quote is:

A. To veil or not to veil? That is the question.
B. Long live the veil.
C. That’s the best thing a girl can be in this world, a beautiful little bride.
D. If you’re a bird, I’m a bird.
E. #YOLO ( You Only LOVE Once)

 Your party style is:
A. A costume party at a mansion
B. With royalty in a castle
C. Jazz music, flappers, loose morals and cheap liquor
D. Too conservative to party
E. Popping bottles at the club

Your dream job would be:
A. Too young to think about a career
B. To be a queen
C. Housewife
D. Painter
E. Award-winning celebrity entertainer

Describe yourself in one word:
A. Innocent
B. Gracious
C. Money-oriented
D. Studious
E. Hip


 juliet veil

 Art deco Juliet cap lace and tulle wedding veil

Gilded Shadows Juliet Cap Veil, $138

If you chose mostly ‘A’s’ you are an old-fashioned bride.

You reflect the classic style of past centuries and would want a timeless look that would be beautiful no matter the decade. The lace trim and sheer cover above the head combine for a Juliet-esque modest piece that echoes Shakespeare’s greatest love story.

kate middleton bride

 Kate Middleton-inspired lace-edge wedding veil

If you answered mostly ‘B’s’ you are wedding royalty:

You have a desire for elegance and grace, much like a future queen would. The simple lace detail and more traditional style will help you achieve a classy look. The longer length makes for a more modest and classic veil that flows as you make your way down the aisle.

daisy inspired veil

1920s-inspired silk tulle wedding veil with flower

Elizabeth Erica Design 1920s Gatsby-Style Lace Bridal Wrap With Silk Tulle Veil, $365,

If you answered mostly ‘Cs’ you are a 1920s fashionista.

Resonating the excitement of the 1920s, this style veil will have you flapping with the best. Paired with a vintage gown, let this Daisy-inspired glamour veil make a statement at your wedding. The silk fabric and flower embellishment are beautiful details that would make any bride look like she stepped straight out of The Great Gatsby.

 asia girl birdcage veil

Birdcage wedding veil with rhinestone comb

Tessa Kim Mini Double-Layer Birdcage Veil, $113

If you answered mostly ‘D’s’ you are a vintage bride-to-be.

You are evoking a style that originated in the 1940s but is emerging today. This type of veil is becoming more popular among modern brides due to its unique look and length.  Its subtle cover is conservative yet playful. To embellish this veil, a simple addition of beading or rhinestone on the comb can make this look really stand out.


 Iridescent bead-lined wedding veil

Bebe Bridal Beaded Short Veil, $79

 If you answered mostly ‘E’s’ you are a modern bride.

This type of veil conveys your contemporary personality of current fashion trends. You don’t dwell in the past, but instead are focused on the present. This veil is the most popular style that you’ll see in today’s weddings. The mid-length piece is not too long and not too short, and includes variations of trim like beading, rhinestone, lace or satin.